The Scoop on AlyCatAuthor’s Posting Schedule

The scoop (chocolate, of course) on my schedule!Because a little chocolate ice cream is nice at the end of summer, yes? Mmm…

At any rate, I wanted to make a general announcement about how goings-on here at AlyCatAuthor are going to, well, go on.

As you may have read on my About AlyCatAuthor page, this blog is operating on a “ship” theme, and as such, I thought it only appropriate to label my categories accordingly. The titles of each category should give a good indication as to their subject matter, but just to clear up any fog that may remain, I’ll give the titles and a brief explanation of each category here, along with each particular category’s special posting schedule.

Probing the Depths: These posts will be my analysis posts where I look at elements of fantasy literature in a spiritual context. I’ll post these twice a month (as they hold the trophy for “Longest Amount of Time Spent on a Blog Post”).

In Open Waters: These posts will be for open-ended questions, polls, guest posts, or discussion prompts to get you guys talking. The schedule for these will vary depending on the week and the general goings-on (there’s that word again, I love it) at AlyCatAuthor.

Wind in the Sails: These posts will be for writing inspiration and encouragement, for those of us who just need a little push every once in a while (raise your hand if you’re any human being ever because NOBODY escapes the temptation of melancholy). I’ll post these once a week on Mondays, because, let’s face it. Mondays are the hardest to get up and going.

Storms Weathered: These posts will speak from my personal experience on common writing issues, especially those that are more psychological in nature (writer’s block, discouragement, laziness,etc.) Sort of like a writer’s confession. These are here so you know there’s someone facing the writing struggle with you. I’ll post these once a week on Fridays.

Captain’s Quarters: These posts will be general announcements about my upcoming books, progress in my writing life, fun posts that give a peek inside my life and the give-and-take between LIFE in general and the writing life I’m striving to build, and relatable posts that will always ask for your input, so we can share our writing struggles and triumphs together, as well as other, more mundane but no less necessary things such as book and music recommendations. I’ll post these regularly on Wednesdays, and if there are other announcements that need to be made, they’ll be made on whatever day they are relevant.

I hope these new categories will make it easier to find just the right kind of post that you’re looking for, whether it be a deep dive into literary elements or a refreshing sail to lift your spirits. Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you on the next ship in!

Tell me your opinion: Do you like the categories and the topics they cover? Do you know of any categories you’d like to see added or would like to see more of? Let me know in the comments below! 


The SCOOP on AlyCatAuthor's Posting Schedule


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