Wind in the Sails: For Those of Us Who Are Editing…

Happy Monday, everyone! I’m deep into edits, and for all those who are editing, I thought I would share this Tumblr favorite. It never fails to make me laugh (which is the main reason it gets a prominent place on my cork board above my desk!)

Which face best expresses your current editing mood? I think Mike’s somewhat dazed and confused face gets the vote for me; often times I dive right into edits from drafting and it feels like being dropped in a bucket of ice water. I go from on Cloud 9 to a jungle of mechanical tools waiting to be unleashed on the beauty I’ve just splashed all over the page. Say, what?

Later on, when I’m more sobered from my dances on Cloud 9, my face gets more like Sulley’s. I realize just how awful some of my stuff was, and how complicated it’s going to be to fix it. Then I scream in terror at the screen.

Then, in the third stage where things are finally starting to come together, I get Randall’s snooty face as I sit and ponder the big picture of my book and explain it to myself in very scientific sounding tones. Yes, yes, I say, this is grand. It is a big picture of the complexity of life and beauty and love. 

I wish, right?

I think all of us can relate to all of these three faces at one point or another. That’s the beauty of being a writer; there’s always someone, somewhere, in this big, big, world, that gets it. And this picture is just one particle of proof.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you on the next ship in!

Tell me in the comments below: Whose face gets the vote for your current editing/writing mood? Sulley, Mike, or Randall?


    • Aly

      That’s great to hear, Angela! Once you get one done, the process becomes addictive, especially when you’re writing a series! I’m taking breaks from editing my first standalone novel (and my first published novel) to go back to the sequel for my other novel, the very first one I finished. Those characters keep calling my name, and I can’t resist them… haha. 😉 Good luck with drafting, and we’ll probably be editing together, as I probably won’t be done until early next year lol.

  1. I’m the monster on the right 😉

    Frankly, I’m afraid of editing, which is ironic since I do it for a living. Maybe because of it lol. So, I have Book 1 that came back from the editor, but I was disheartened to know that I still have so many corrections to make … and additional scenes to put in. Gah. So what do I do? I start a new book.

    Ha! The typical ENFP way of doing things.

    Still,good on you that you’re editing now. Maybe you can give this procrastinating writer some tips.

    • Aly

      Haha! I feel you about starting new projects instead of bucking up and fixing the one at hand. It sounds so silly, but I just have to do it. I just have to sit down and discipline myself, turn off the wi-fi, whatever it is that’s distracting me, and just stare at the page or the screen and make my hands move. Even if it doesn’t make any sense, I’m trying, and training my brain to know that when it’s time to work, IT’S TIME TO WORK. Editing, although it’s my favorite, has been almost tortuous here lately, so I’m going to have to break out that militaristic discipline and get it done.

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