Captain’s Log: September Writing Goals, Wins, and Fails


Well, friends, it’s the end of the month, and I have lots of exciting updates for you! Check back to this month’s introductory Captain’s Quarters post if you want a review of what my writing goals were at the beginning.

Captain’s Log

Writing Goals

1. I finished my novel (AAAAH!) and began edits, so that goal was accomplished wonderfully. WIN.

2. I posted somewhat regularly to the blog, minus a couple of days where I posted Monday’s post on a Tuesday, and one Monday post that I didn’t post at all. Overall, I think I did fairly well considering all the stuff going on this month. WIN.

3. I did not, however, get around to crafting my guest post, something I actually forgot to do. FAIL.

Writing Life Goals

1. Coming up with a writing schedule didn’t happen…exactly. While I didn’t have any specific hours nailed down for working on my novel, part of it was due to the fact that I didn’t know if I was going to be able to create my own schedule or if I was going to continue working part time at my day job. However, I did get quite a bit accomplished, and for that, I’m grateful. FAIL/TRANSFER OF GOAL TO NEXT MONTH

2. Well, my working from home experiment was a very educational endeavor. I learned that I love working from home and there are many benefits to being my own boss. However, I also learned that I’m a pretty slack boss and that me staying home for two weeks on end typing with little physical activity and social contact means a screwed-up Circadian cycle, back pain, and RSI symptom flares. And I just can’t live that way.

I don’t make a good boss because I’m not bossy, to others or to myself. I have little personal discipline unless something outside of myself imposes it on me (Reason #1 I have a writing coach…). While I made my goals (sort of) for the amount of money I wanted to make, I often ended up having to work on Saturday. I also lost track of the days and lost my sense of time as well. Funny what being holed up inside can do to a person in just a matter of days.

I talked to my boss and she’s agreed to just let me come in and work afternoons, something that will keep my schedule consistent and unimposing on my time. After this week, I’ll only work 25 hours a week at my day job and I’ll be in the same room each afternoon. That means I’ll have the same definite goal each week of the money I’ll need to make transcribing, so I can actually get around to making that schedule now.

But first, I have to set right my body clock and get back to sleeping on a normal schedule…I’ve been super hyped up at night the past few nights and have been unable to fall asleep until 1:30 AM or later. And then I don’t want to get up in the AM when I’m supposed to, leading to me feeling rushed in the morning (which I try to avoid as much as possible). Even though I don’t have to go in until the afternoon, I like to have accomplished a few things before I go in—a little transcription, a little editing, a little drafting, perhaps scheduling a blog post or two.

I have considered, just for this week, trying to just go with it and do all the things I would normally try to get done in the morning, at night, when I can’t sleep. My fear there is that I’ll get so involved with whatever I’m doing that because I don’t have a definitive time to leave the room and be somewhere, I’ll just continue that activity until it’s 3 AM and there’s little hope of me getting enough sleep AND not rushing around like a maniac to get to work the next day.

I really don’t know how to fix the sleeplessness except keep trying to get up earlier and go to bed earlier. I know it will probably, eventually, reset itself as I continue to use the same schedule. In the meantime, it’s really frustrating, to say the least.

I also want to start a walking routine for most mornings of the week. I’d like to get up, say my morning prayers, throw on some clothes and go for a walk. We have a beautiful neighborhood and a walking path down to the creek, and it’ll be so lovely and cool now that it’s the start of autumn. I feel like that will do me some good, get some Vitamin D in my system, and hopefully keep me in better shape and have me feeling more “wore out” when I’m supposed to at the end of the day. WIN.

2. As you’ve probably already inferred, I’ve made a decision about my day job. WIN.

So, there’s my report for the month. 3 wins, 2 fails. Sadly, my purple coffee mug was absent for much of it, but I’m hopeful we’ll be reunited this weekend when I go to see my fiance.

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you on the next ship in!

Tell me your opinion: How did your month go? What were your writing goals? Your wins and fails? What new goals do you have for October? Let me know in the comments below and let’s chat!

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