Captain’s Quarters: Posting Schedule for October


Well, guys, after following my blogging schedule for a month, I think I’ve learned quite a lot. The first is that my schedule is doable. The second is that it’s not doable when I’m trying to edit a book, work from home, work a part-time job, and keep my sanity.

I’m kind of proud of myself for being able to keep it so faithfully, but I think this month I’m going to try a less-frequent posting schedule to see if it works any better, both for being able to schedule more time for editing and for creating better quality posts.

Here’s the rundown on how things are going to look for the month of October.

Probing the Depths: Formerly every other weekend, these in-depth writing and spiritual fantasy analyses will be a once-monthly thing, on whichever day I happen to find the time and energy to pull one together.

Captain’s Quarters: Posts on the first and last Wednesdays of each month (Writing Goals and Focuses, and the Captain’s Log) will remain the same. There may or may not be any more of these throughout the month, depending on if I have any exciting news to announce.

Wind in the Sails: Once a week. Will typically be a homemade graphic with an inspiring quote that grabbed my attention each week.

Potpourri: These will be every week, if I can squeeze them in. These will play host to whatever category of post is most relevant for that week. Possible categories include Captain’s Quarters, Weathering the Storm, Wind in the Sails, and In Open Waters.

The biggest change is that I will no longer be posting on Fridays, which I think will help relieve some of that weekend stress. I’m looking forward to trying out a new schedule. Here’s hoping I can use some of that freed up time to dig deep into my edits. And as things get closer to release, I’ll start revealing some goodies related to my WIP (look for a title reveal poll next Wednesday!).

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you on the next ship in!

Tell me your opinion: What do you think about the new schedule? What’s your current writing schedule? How could you make some small changes in your time management to create more time for writing? Let me know in the comments below; I’d love to chat!

Captain's Quarters-Posting Schedule for October

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