In Open Waters: Character Interview with My Protagonist from “Kingdom of the New Moon”


Alright guys, here is the first in a series of character interviews I hope to post leading up to the launch of my first YA portal fantasy, “Kingdom of the New Moon!” In this one I’m interviewing my main character, Eli. I hope you enjoy it and if it gets you excited, be sure to keep checking back for more interviews and sneak peeks! And don’t forget to share with friends! 😉 Happy reading!


Aly: Okay, first question. What exactly IS a Tognir?

Eli: Typical of a Kar-Tog to ask, really. And yes, Kar-Tog means human, just in case you were wondering. A Tognir…well, just look at me. Dark scales, fins, webbed fingers and toes…but otherwise remarkably human shaped. Not that being shaped like a human gives you Kar-Togs any credit.

A: Okaaaayy. So what is Tognir culture like? What do Tognir do?

E: We have a kingdom under the riverbed. King’s an idiot kid but my dad runs the place pretty well. Dad’s second-in-command so I’m third. We’re in charge of catching humans for— *pauses, then smirks menacingly* Can’t give away too much.

A: So you don’t like your king, huh?

E: *sighs* He’s a complete and utter fool. Dad told him not to take the throne at 19 years old, but no. Stupid brat had to have his power. *shakes head and scowls* I never liked him, either. Always bullied me with that crazy power of his.

A: So you two have a bit of a rough history?

E: *snorts* You could say that.

A: Alright. So what’s this crazy power all about?

E: *Sniffs* That’s rather hard to explain to a Kar-Tog but I’ll try. It’s almost like a song. No. It IS a song. But inside your head. It can simply speak to you— *speaks inside my thoughts* like this. Or it can do much more complex things like shut down your consciousness and paralyze you. *eyes glow aquamarine* Would you like to see?

A: *shakes head vigorously* No thanks. One final question: Why do the Tognir hate the humans so much?

E: *rolls eyes* Besides their utter stupidity? Well. I can’t say too much, of course, but we’ll just say it goes beyond us, back in time, and is legislated by a higher power who wants revenge. That’s all I can say. *winks*

A: Alright, well, if that’s all you have for us, Eli, I’ll be happy to let you go home. It’s nearly dawn, which means…

E: Right. Almost bed time for me. *yawns* Catch you around. *grins threateningly*

A: *chuckles nervously* Yes, well, I don’t think you’ll be catching ME around here anymore. Bye! *runs away*


Tell me your thoughts: What do you think of Eli? Any similarities/differences between him and your own protagonists or antagonists? Chat it up in the comments below; I’d love to hear from you! 

In Open Waters-

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