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Hey guys! Aly here. Every author needs a special writing place, right? Well, I snapped some photos of mine to share with you all! I hope you guys enjoy this desk tour—maybe it’ll even spark some new ideas for your own space!

Head-On of My Whole Office

Here’s a wide view of my set up. Since the second bedroom is becoming a nursery, I had to downsize my space and move in to the living room. That’s the edge of my brown couch in the bottom right. I tucked my floor lamp between the couch and desk to save space. My chair is massive, but ergonomic, and therefore necessary. Behind the chair are my printer table and file cabinet (I’ll go through those in more detail in a sec).

ON my desk, you can see a few assorted things, such as my water cup (an ever-present specter in my pregnant life). And on the wall around my desk, you can see a single cork board covered in papers, a holy image of Our Lady of Sorrows, and a calendar.

A Closer Look

Here’s a bit of a closer look at my desktop and storage. The desktop computer (new as of last Thanksgiving) sits front and center. I love the bigger screen, especially for my transcription work. The monitor is propped up on some overturned paper trays, which hold my netbook for car rides, my bullet journal, and right now is hiding my travel pencil bag and a paper cutter under the bottom tray.

A magazine holder organizes my clipboard, some mailing labels, photo paper, and a folder holding extra notebook paper and cardstock. My two hole punches also reside on the left side of my desk, and my spinning pencil holder lives in the little nook between the computer tower and monitor on the right.

The green drawer tower has recently been purged and reorganized. It now has a specific purpose for each drawer. The very top holds two little baskets of sticky notes, staples, paper clips, my stapler and tape, and a few other assorted office essentials, along with my clear ruler. The second one holds a box with index cards and a memo pad, plus a stack of my A5 size journals that I’m currently using.

The third drawer holds all my bigger notebooks for my works-in-progress, and the bottom holds all technology stuff: my Alphasmart Neo, Kindle charger, rechargeable batteries with their charger, netbook charger, flash drives, and other assorted tech goodies.

Oodles of Files

Next is my little filing area. Right behind my chair is the printer table, which is handy because I can just spin around and BAM. There’s my printed papers within arm’s reach. (I can’t tell you how important that is for a pregnant lady.) Under the printer table are some binders. The blue one is for my story bible/world-building stuffs, and the green is my journal (which is in desperate need of organization). The binders in the bag are for filing other papers in my file cabinet.
Speaking of my file cabinet, isn’t this a cool one? It’s an old secretary cabinet my hubby found at a yard sale. Right now it’s got a mix of loose papers, binders, and file folders crammed in there. Soon I’m gonna go through it all and file my stuff in those new binders. The two drawers on top hold stamps, printed return address labels, envelopes, and checkbooks for paying bills.


On top of the cabinet, you’ll see my letter holder with 3 colored folders standing up in it. That’s my mailing system. The pink folder stores incoming mail. The purple folder behind it holds bills I’ve opened but not yet mailed. The yellow corrals any papers that have been acted upon and now need filing. (My filing system is still a work-in-progress, so there’s quite a few papers in there that don’t have a home quite yet.) The bowl in front is for my keys and sunglasses (because I’m constantly losing those things!).

On top of the printer is a brand new box of stationery (thank you, dear godmother!). Two packs of postcards sitting on top of it. I’m in the process of organizing more urgent stuff, so my stationery organization will have to wait. But I now have two stationery boxes which I can use for postcards, birthday cards, and whatever else I need to write snail mail to my heart’s content.

Well…there it was!

If you saw my last desk tour post, you’ll know that this is a major downsizing from what I used to have. But I really like how it’s turned out. Now my desk is a lot less cluttered. I only have the things I ABSOLUTELY need within arm’s reach. Everything else is in storage.

This means I get more work done, I’m less stressed, and I don’t have as much opportunity to get distracted by messes of paper or all those pretty Sharpies that used to be in my pencil holder.

Even though it’s in the living room, it doesn’t intrude on the rest of the space like I thought it would. And since the living room is where my husband does his work when he’s at home, it made sense for me to have my workspace there as well. Now we can work in the same room without intruding on the other’s focus.

I hope you had fun on this desk tour! Please feel free to chat about your own space in the comments! I love hearing about where authors and readers love to do their work and unleash their creativity!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next post!




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