A Sneak Peek at ‘The Mending’

Hey guys! Aly here, with a little introduction to a very special story! I hope you’ll enjoy getting this sneak peek into what I hope will be my best story yet.

So, this story is basically at the heart of who I am as a writer. It’s stuck with me the longest, has been through the most changes, and is the story that began all my other stories. This story is my magnum opus, the one I’ll probably be working on the rest of my life, like Tolkien with his beloved world.

It’s called The Mending, and right now, the exact length is up in the air. The part I’m working on now is probably going to span something like 3 books, but there will be more to come from different characters’ POVs later.

As you can probably tell, it’s an epic fantasy series (what other kinds of books span multiple tomes the way that fantasy books do?). Grand stakes, high adventure, a bit of romance, and lots of soul-searching are the hallmarks of this story, both a coming-of-age story and a story of finding unity in the midst of war-torn and wary nations.

I’ll start by giving a brief introduction to the premise and main characters, and then you guys will get a sneak peek at one of my story world maps!

Intro and Premise

Premise: An orphan maid and an ambitious squire find themselves launched together onto a path that will change the face of all Roiscanta forever— a path neither would have chosen, but both must come to embrace if they are to save themselves and all they call dear.

Yael: A young squire in the service of the Head of the West, Yael awaits the day he can call himself a Knight and ride alongside his father.
Rista: Alone and shunned by her fellow Eastern refugees, Rista longs for the opportunity to prove her worth and find her home amid her own people.

The Sneak Peek Goodies

I can’t wait to shower you guys with all the goodies and behind-the-scenes stuff from this series. ‘Cause let me tell you, there’s a TON.

For now, I’m excited to unveil my map for the Western half of my story world, Roiscanta (pronounced rice-CAN-tah)! I drew it myself! I’m not the world’s best cartographer by any stretch, but I’m happy with how it turned out. Please feel free to peruse, ask questions, and offer suggestions to make it even better!

The Western Expanse

A Sneak Peek at The Mending--Map of the Western Expanse

This is the Western Expanse! This is where the story officially begins. The letters are kind of small, so I’ll expand on some key places. The forest outlined in red is the Dusky Wood, which encloses the capital of the Western Expanse, the Circle City, close to the shore. You’ll notice a straighter red line leading through the forest—that’s the Circle Road, leading travelers straight to the Circle City. And the Circle City is where the Knights—and therefore Yael—reside.

A small, circled ‘x’ denotes where the Eastern refugee camp is. That’s where we’ll find Rista at the beginning of the story, right along the edge of the Dusky Wood. The camp is strategically placed. While Eastern refugees typically refuse socialization with their Western neighbors, they WILL do commerce with them, which keeps them alive. Therefore, they’re placed right along the Dusky Road (the circular road encompassing the forest). It’s a common traveler’s road. But it’s also far enough away from the capital and its business to be sufficiently private for the Easterners.

The green lines denote political boundaries between the seven Houses or districts of the Western Expanse. As you can see, both the Circle City and Rista’s camp lie within Tarnoc, the largest and most climate-diverse district. The two larger southern islands are districts of their own— Gramli and Kolnit, to be precise. And if you don’t see a green line, it’s more than likely because there is a river or mountain range providing the physical AND political boundary between districts.

Well, there you have it! I hope you enjoyed this sneaky peek at my magnum opus, The Mending. Make sure you stick around for more updates, reveals, and cool behind-the-scenes stuff straight from the author’s (messy) desk! And if YOU guys have any drawings of your story worlds, characters, etc.— I’m SUCH a geek for that stuff. Please feel free to share in the comments (but only if you’re comfortable!).

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next post!

A Sneak Peek at The Mending



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