August Writing Update

Hey guys! Aly here with a writing update. Lots has been going on this past month, and I’m excited to share my progress and my goals for August as well.

Personal Update

Life’s been pretty hectic as we gear up for baby! There’s showers to plan and attend, a house to organize, a new classroom to set up, not to mention my writing to organize and prep. It’s all coming together, though, with lots of help from family and friends.

I’m mainly trying to build a habit of writing every day before the baby comes along, and trying to learn to be adaptable. Babies don’t come with a schedule, at least not one that matches mine. So I’m learning to let go and just do the best I can with what I have.

Writing Update

As far as writing goes, things are slowly getting better. The blog is coming along and getting more organized as the weeks go along. I’m hoping to continue posting regularly, though maybe not as often, after the baby gets here. Maybe a naïve goal, but we shall see.

Speaking of blogging, I recently completed another round of the 30-Day Blogging Challenge over at It was a fun way to get back in the groove of writing every day and figure out what I can reasonably do with the time I have right now.

I’ve also been invited to guest post over at! It’ll be my very first guest post, and it’ll go live later this month. I’ve been brainstorming ideas to make it a really awesome post. Here’s hoping it’ll go smoothly!


Here are a few of my main foals for August! I’m due in September, so August is probably going to be my last super-productive month, at least for a bit. That is, unless baby comes early or late…

Start and Maintain a Writing Bullet Journal

I mentioned researching this in my “5 Things” post earlier in July.  A writing BuJo definitely seems worth a shot, and towards the end of July I started playing around with spread ideas.

I even got a cute little notebook on one of my and Hubby’s expeditions to Staples. It’s the perfect size to fit in my purse and big enough for my needs. Now I just need to finish setting it up, and I can start using it from everything to tracking my WIP word counts to checking off social media to-do’s.

I’ll let you guys know how well it works for me in a later update, and maybe share some spread ideas for inspiration!

Finish One Book I’ve Started

I have quite the reading list going, and lots of reviews that I owe to people. So in August, I’m committing to finishing at least one book that I’ve started, and drafting a review if possible. My heart keeps telling me to pile more awesome-looking books onto my Kindle, because deep down, I REALLY miss reading. Maybe that’s the daydreamer in me, telling me she’s running out of fuel. But I gotta finish what I start before I can let myself dive into those newer, enticing gems.

Write Something Every Day

I’m really wanting to get this habit ingrained in me now, while it’s easy to find time. Later, when I have 10,000 constraints on my time, it’ll be too easy to let writing fall to the bottom of the list.

While I know it’ll take time to find a groove once baby is here, I still want to have a habit of scribbling SOMETHING each day, whether it’s an idea, a paragraph of a blog post, or even a journal entry. That’ll help me stay on track and not completely fall off the face of the planet, the way I did for most of my pregnancy.


I’ve loved sharing my progress and my goals for this month with you guys! Please feel free to share your own goals in the comments. I love encouraging my fellow readers and authors!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next post!


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