5 Things I Love This Month: August Edition

Hey guys! Aly here with the August edition of “5 Things I Love”. This month has turned out to be quite different than last month, at least so far. We’re busier than ever! But I’ve managed to find more time at home to rest and prep for baby now that Hubby is in full classroom-prep mode. Here are just a few of the things making my life a little sweeter as I spend my last full month before I’m a mommy!

Using: Writing BuJo and Accessories

This is (kind of) the update I promised you guys in the last post. While it’s not completely set up, I’ve been using my writing BuJo to schedule in my daily writing tasks and plan out my weeks/month for August. It’s helped me to stay on track. What’s really cool is that I can also see that I really HAVE been writing and doing writing work (even though it feels like I haven’t been). This is SUPER encouraging to me. It lets me know I AM capable of getting stuff done. And that only leads to more productivity down the road.

I have a monthly spread, a weekly spread, and a tentative daily spread that I’m playing with to see how well it works. I’ve also got a page dedicated to my (slightly ambitious) weekly social media schedule. I’m hoping to add pages for word count and snail mail trackers, reading lists, and a couple other fun things, like a comment log for my Kindle reading and a Goodreads log.

I’ve also been playing with stickers and washi tape, which is like therapy for this overwhelmed momma-to-be. The more I use them to quickly and effortlessly pretty up my pages, the more I want to use my BuJo. I’ll call that a win for now. 😉

Listening To: Favorites Playlist

I’m a Spotify Premium user, and so I’ve got TONS of playlists. One that’s really hitting the musical spot this month is my Favorites playlist. Constantly updated, this is the workhorse of all my playlists. It contains a little of everything: songs I never get tired of hearing, old and new faves, and a great variety of different artists and genres.

I love not quite knowing what I’m going to hear next. But I automatically recognize (and love) whatever comes up. Some featured artists and songs include Coldplay’s “White Shadows,” Keane’s “Won’t Be Broken,” and Moya Brennan/Cormac De Barra’s “An Seanduine Doite.”

Eating: Watermelon

Listen, guys. This has been just about the one constant craving in the last bit of my pregnancy. I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s mainly water and electrolytes (and my body needs plenty of those in this weather), but I can’t get enough. The sweet, red flesh, cut up and stored in the fridge, is so heavenly right now. I can pretty much eat a whole one by myself at this point.

Reading: Mystical City of God

This might seem a little odd to be on my list. But I try to maintain a daily few minutes of spiritual reading. While this is somewhat of a controversial book among Catholics, I find myself loving it. It tells the story of Our Lady’s life as revealed by Our Lady to the Venerable Sister Mary of Agreda. Sister Mary’s beautifully descriptive and humble writing, combined with instructions and lessons straight from Our Lady, make this book one of the deepest and most revealing books I’ve ever had the pleasure to read about the Blessed Virgin. I’m still only on Book 1, which focuses on the Immaculate Conception, infancy, and early childhood of Our Lady. But it’s already given me enough to think about for a lifetime.

Enjoying: Slightly Cooler Weather

I don’t typically think of August as a “fall” month. Blame it on my years of marching band, but August is normally just as hot to me as July. This summer has been relatively mild, however, and as the first cool front has moved through, it’s brought temperatures down under 80 degrees and given us some much-needed rain. I’m loving every minute of it, and soaking up the cool breezes moving through around dusk when I take my evening walk with Hubby.

Here’s hoping there’ll be a bit more rain this month, and we’ll have a beautiful, vibrant fall this year. And if the upper-70s want to stick around, I’d be pretty happy with that, too.

These are the 5 things I’m absolutely loving this month! Whether it’s food, getting my life in order, or just enjoying some favorite jams, these little things are so needed in my crazy, stressful life right about now.

And speaking of my crazy life, I did want to give you guys a heads-up. I probably won’t have a post up next week. I’ll be working furiously on my guest post for AuthorCulture. I’ll post the link here when my post goes live, and you can expect a new post on the site in about two weeks. Thanks for being so patient with me!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next post!

What are some of your favorite things this month? Any new foods or music you’ve tried that you can’t get enough of? Tell me all about them in the comments; I’d love to chat!

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