October-November Writing Update


Hey guys! Coming back to the blog took WAY longer than expected. As you can imagine, I’m running amok with a now 2-month-old on my hands who likes to fight his sleep. Between trying to keep the house running and somewhat clean, and taking care of a tiny human, time to write comes at a premium (usually a stroller ride around the neighborhood to get said tiny human to actually sleep).

Without any further ado, here are my life and writing updates for September through November!



-As stated above, I now have a little person in my life. He’s actually a really good baby—I guess the week-long on and off labor I had was the price I paid for that big blessing. He only gets impatient when he’s hungry or sleepy, and seriously doesn’t spend any more than an hour per day actually crying. (How lucky am I???) It’s been such a joy and a learning experience getting to know my little one and learning all the skills that come with mom life. #momlifeisthebestlife

-My husband’s job is stressing him out more as the pressure builds for him to meet all his internship requirements and, in general, keep up with the state’s ridiculous level of data collection. I mean, who thought it was a good idea to make teachers assess students and record data like literally every day of the week? On KINDERGARTENERS? Probably someone sitting behind a fancy desk who’s never actually set foot in a real classroom and seen what teachers deal with from day to day.

But, he still loves his job, and I’m still at home by myself most of the time, trying my best to support his need to stay extra hours for meetings and just to get his room and materials ready for the next week. At least he gets paid snow days and holidays this time around.

-I’ve had a bit of a health issue since my son was born. Nothing too serious, but I’m on a regimen of home exercises from my chiropractor to try to get the issue fixed. It’s affecting my low back and my spinal alignment, and just last night I woke up around 2 AM with some kind of horrible pinched nerve in my middle back that kept me from breathing well. I’m going to hope and pray the exercises help keep me in alignment and stop that nonsense from happening. ‘Cause with a 2-month-old, I need all the sleep I can get.

-In general, even with all the stress, it’s been so exciting preparing for the holidays with our little one. I can’t wait to turn on all the Christmas lights and watch him have fun just staring at them all. I’m gonna really enjoy this holiday. Because next year, little man won’t be so little. He’ll have more fun trying to pull the tree down than looking at it.


-Writing has been really hit and miss since the birth. I tried to do NaNoWriMo (a really watered-down version of it) but only made it a few days without having something come up where I couldn’t write. For December and on, I’m going to have the same goal of 100 words a day, but not be so strict about what it has to be. As long as I have a pretty consistent schedule of having certain days to blog, to journal, to draft, etc., the different things I need to get done SHOULD get done.

-I’ve been working a lot on Sun of Truth, the sequel to my unreleased epic fantasy, Queen’s Daughter (info pages to come soon!). These are part of The Mending series that I did a post on a while back. I did get quite a bit done, even with the sparse writing I did throughout November and the end of October. At least, it was more than I thought I’d get done with a baby in the picture. It’s given me a pretty good expectation of what I can reasonably get done. There will simply be days it’s impossible to write. And there will be days where the baby takes a glorious nap and I get ALL THE WORDS done, plus about a thousand more. In any case, Sun is making good progress now after being stalled for about a year. Which is good news, seeing as I haven’t even started on Kingdom of the New Moon’s sequel.



-I already listed one goal: to write 100 words each day, whether it’s journaling, drafting a blog post, or working on an outline. Daily practice is key.  Even if I can’t work on what I had intended to on a certain day, I can at least put words on the page and hopefully even keep going past my daily word count goal.

-I also want to try to blog twice a month. It’ll mostly be goals and updates. But I’ll post occasional fun posts like cover reveals and whatnot. I’ve decided I really need to focus what limited time and energy I have on my fiction, and interacting more with the writing community. So this blog will be more of a home base. I can display my work and invite you guys in to a little bit of the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on.

-As for definitive, due-date type goals for my fiction, I haven’t sat down to think about those yet. I think I would like to have SOMETHING finished and at least in the works to be published by the end of 2018. Maybe it will be Queen’s Daughter? Maybe my non-fiction writing how-to, Journey by Journal? It’ll depend on what my head and heart both tell me is ready to be released into the world.

-We also have a goal of getting rid of our debt. Not real sure when, as the amount of leftover money in the budget varies from month to month. But we are on track to start debt-snowballing our bigger debts, which is always a good thing. Especially seeing as we may have to buy a house or move in 2018. Some of the debt was from publishing Kingdom of the New Moon, so that leads into the next goal.

-Work on my marketing strategy for Kingdom of the New Moon. It’s been kinda sitting and gathering cyber-dust since its publication. But it’s pretty much my own fault for not doing anything with it. To be fair, I found out I was pregnant 2 weeks after launching it. That whole experience took so much out of me that I was doing good just to keep the house from falling apart. But I’ve got to keep working on my dream, whether or not I feel like it every day.


Well, that about wraps it up for my updates and goals! It’s kind of a long post, but I had a lot to remember from the past couple of months. I hope you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by! I’ll see you on the next ship in.




How are your holidays shaping up? Will it impact your writing schedule? Or does the chill of winter and the coziness of family and food inspire you to do more? Let’s chat in the comments!

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