February 2018 Goals and Updates

Hey guys! Aly here with another monthly update for February! My apologies for never getting around to that second post last month. I’m still trying to find my groove as we get into this new year.

I won’t waste any time. Let’s get right into the updates from last month’s goals, and lay out some new goals I have for this month!


-Well, I’ve managed to keep up with my 100 words per day pretty well. I haven’t met my goal every single day, but I’ve written about 20 days out of this month. AND in the spreadsheet, I’ve written an average of a little over 100 words per day, which is still pretty awesome! I’ve been getting anywhere between 110 and 150 words each day. It’s nice to have that little bit of cushion in case I just have a terrible day and can’t get any writing done.

-I’ve been more productive with my time, too! Figuring out my planning style and letting go of things that don’t matter have helped carve out even more time. Now I just need to focus on using that freed-up time towards my goals—which requires something of an action plan. Otherwise, I’m just spinning my wheels for no good reason.

-100 words per day on JUST “Sun of Truth” is also doing pretty well. I try to get that done first thing before any other writing gets done. It’s been really fun—it’s like a warm-up! And it’s really satisfying to see my draft growing day by day, even if it seems like it’s just a little bit at a time. All those words WILL add up by the end of this year. And who knows—I may be able to increase my goal in a couple months if I can stay consistent! Then I’ll have even more words, and perhaps even somewhere close to a full draft!

-Set up and implement an Instagram strategy.

I’ll have two Instagram personas—one for my writing, and one for my hobby, planning. I’ve got my strategy already nailed down, I think. This month will be the trial run. We’ll see if I can actually pull off this posting schedule with a busy baby!

—Read a little bit every day.

I’ve really fallen off the wagon with doing any reading, even with my fancy new Kindle. *sigh* I really think it’s a matter of willpower. I’m so addicted to my phone that I reach for it whenever I don’t have anything else I’m doing. If I keep in mind my goals to READ every day, even if it’s just a chapter, then maybe I can use my YouTube time as a reward after the fact. So I might make that an action step towards this goal—making my phone time a reward and not the rule.

—Continuing my 100 words per day, aiming for consistency.

I got a pretty good start in January. But I’d like to be more consistent and not miss any days in February, if at all possible. I’ve been making it work by just deciding to start SOMEWHERE and go with it. Now that I have a planner to write down my words each day, I don’t even have to worry about dating it. I just grab it, turn to the day that I’m on, and WRITE until I run out of space. In my mini planner, that adds up to about 125-140 words each day, if I remember to write pretty small. So I think this system will work well for me this month.

These goals are doable for me this month, I think. I tried to set goals that weren’t too lofty, and I also limited myself to three goals. I tend to try to overwhelm myself with all the stuff I KNOW I need to improve. But I can only do so much at one time, and I’m learning to respect that. I’ll get a lot more done if I just focus on what’s most important.

Well, that’s it for my updates and goals for February! There’ll be another post coming 2 weeks from today, so be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss it! I’ll be revealing my new writing planner and how I set myself up for writing success. It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you next post!

Let’s chat: What are your goals for February? How do you plan on achieving them? Any new books you’re reading or want to read? I’m always open to recommendations!

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