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Welcome to AlyCatAuthor.com! Here I am, the humble Aly behind the curtain.

I’m a writer and a lover of my traditional Catholic faith, which is where the ‘Cat’ in my blog’s name comes in (though I am rather fond of cats, too!). I write about the importance of meaningful and symbolic spiritual literature in a world which has lost touch with its own soul, especially focusing on fantasy and allegorical fiction, as well as sharing my own writing journey in fun and meaningful ways in the hopes that it will inspire other authors out there to keep at it and to share their own stories and experiences.

This blog started as a way for me to explore the things that were frustrating me as a Catholic author. What makes books like “Harry Potter” and “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” so different? Why did I walk into Catholic libraries and find notations written in the margins of fantasy books denouncing them as ‘immoral’? I wanted answers to these questions, and through a long journey of research, seeking counsel, and interviews, I now feel confident that I can help others who may be struggling with the same questions and trying to overcome doubts about their own writing, with both careful and prayerful analysis of common issues in writing spiritual fantasy, and tidbits shared from my own writing life as I’m learning along the way.

I want to show the world that it is possible to teach spiritual truths in a beautiful and compelling way. I explore elements of well-loved and respected fiction, as well as newer fiction which has personally affected me and taught me, in order to show people how to weave stories that make readers put the hard but beautiful spiritual questions to themselves, and what makes this form of reflective fiction so vital in today’s non-stop world.

I’m using a “ship” theme with my blog because I consider myself on a journey, with many uncharted and fascinating ideas ahead of me- and what I’ve come to reluctantly realize is that I’ve been given the helm. In order to find what I seek, I must seek it and not be afraid to fail or get off course, because in seeking the truth, it will always be found.

I hope you’ll come on board this journey of discovery with me! I plan on posting a few times a week, so there should always be something new and exciting to read. If you want to stay abreast of the latest posts, you can subscribe to get email updates from AlyCatAuthor below.

Hope to see you again soon!


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  1. I so agree with you with the fantasy books thing, though I think you deal with it in a far better way than I did. I often lose my temper when confronted with such things, not because they didn’t agree with me, but because it was such regressive thinking. I often remind them that CS Lewis wrote about witches and satyrs, and that Tolkien was a devout Catholic. I believe that we can tell stories via allegories. I mean, what else is our imagination for?

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