A Tour of My Desk

+J.M.J.+ Hey guys! Aly here. Every author needs a special writing place, right? Well, I snapped some photos of mine to share with you all! I hope you guys enjoy this desk tour—maybe it’ll even spark some new ideas for your own space! Head-On of My Whole Office Here’s a …

2017 Summer Reading List

Hey, Aly here! Sorry about the missed post last Monday. We were waylaid with an unexpected house-sitting adventure, which totally threw me off my groove. But our little side adventure produced a healthy side-effect: namely, the desire to READ MORE BOOKS! Especially books in my preferred genres, fantasy and young …

Wind in the Sails: Writing Quotes

Here’s an inspirational writing graphic for your Monday morning. Enjoy!

Wind in the Sails: Writing Quotes-AlyCatAuthor


Tell me your opinion: What writing quotes inspire you? What quotes would you like me to make a graphic with? Let me know in the comments below; I’d love to chat!